Josefina Aguilar

Josefina, Guillermina, Concepcion, and Irene, the four Aguilar sisters from the village of Ocotlan, Oaxaca are Mexican folk artists who are world-famous for their painted ceramic figures. They learned the art from their father as small children, and in typical folk art tradition, they each work together with their families and are passing the legacy on to their children.
Josefina was discovered by Nelson Rockefeller in his visits to Mexico in search of fine pieces for his collection in the 1970's. Clay figures by Sra. Aguilar and by her
sisters appear in important collections of Mexican folk art all over the world. Most of the Aguilar figures depicit people and rituals in everyday village life, religious and folkloric figures and scenes, and special figures for Day of the Dead, Examples are delightful market vendors carrying everything imaginable, including statues of Virgins, on their heads and charming "bases" depicting Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.
Josefina creates figures which are very painterly,spontaneous, and with a touch of humor.
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