Our fine handcrafted jewelry selection will dazzle you ! Over the years, we have found a large group of outstanding craftsmen who produce a very wide range of personal adornment. Our jewelry collection is one of the finest of its kind, created by artists from around the world. Among our treasures are some exquisite classic Oaxacan earrings (very hard to find) and a few old Tibetan pendants in silver repousse set with large pieces of Tibetan turquoise.

Las Manos Magicas also features heirloom one-of-a-kind jewelry creations (the CROZAT COLLECTION) by its owner, Dr. Madeleine Crozat- Williams, an artist who exhibited widely throughout the U.S.  before opening the gallery. She selects exotic pendants and findings from around the world and combines them with pearls,  turquoise, amber, and other collectible beads to create her own Crozat Collection of necklaces and earrings available only here. They are contemporary pieces with an ethnic feel,  such as an unusual silver goddess pendant from India in a necklace with lustrous pink freshwater pearls.

Old baltic amber pendant with a variety of collectible glass beads


Las Manos Mágicas Handcrafted Jewelry