Angelica Vasquez

Angelica Vasquez has become extremely well-known for her finely-detailed clay figures which usually depict stories from her native Oaxacan heritage. Her pieces consist of elaborate figures covered with tiny figures which form a diorama of village events and fiestas. Angelica's pieces are made with a special locally-found clay which is she is able to work in very small scale. She colors the natural clay with slips made from a variety of other clays, some used because they have been used for years in her part of Oaxaca. Other colors have been discovered in her extensive experimentation with deposits of clay that she finds in her travels.

Angelica Vasquez's figures are very labor intensive and, as such, they are rare gems. We are only able to get our hands on a very small number at any one time.

The figure at the left is one of her wedding angels. The entire wedding party is present on the front of the piece!