The Virgin of Guadalupe in

Mexican Folk Art

The Patron Saint of Mexico, She first appeared to the Indian, Juan Diego, in December, 1531, on the hill of Tepeyac, near Mexico City. Going back to the site of Her appearance as the Bishop had ordered, Juan Diego found roses growing at Her feet at what had before been dry desert land. On his third visit, She instructed him to remove his cloak, and he did, finding in amazement that Her Image was emblazoned on it.

The Virgin of Guadalupe is important because she appeared as an Indian, not as the traditional Spanish Virgin dressed in triangular black robes. She appeared on the site where the Earth Mother Goddess Tonantzin had been worshipped for centuries by the native Indians, and thus, represents a profound spiritual meshing of cultures. The angel appearing often at her feet holding the Mexican flag shows how important she is to Mexican culture.

The Virgin of Guadalupe is a favorite subject of Mexican folk artists. We try to keep as many interesting versions of the Virgin of Guadalupe in stock as we can get our hands on. Very popular are our versons of this and other manifestations of the Virgin Mary by Josefina Aguilar.

The Virgin of Guadalupe at the left is a clay pice by Veronica Vasquez.