Demetrio Garcia Aguilar and

Jose Juan Garcia Aguilar

Like many of the other younger folk artists in Mexico, two of Josefina Aguilar's older sons have taken the clay art form they learned from their mother and carried it to a whole new level in folk art. The ceramic work of Demetrio Garcia and his younger son Jose Juan is richly colored, exquisitely-detailed, and strongly masculine in style. The work of the two brothers is similar, yet different. The biggest differences are that Demetrio's work is more somber in color and spirit; Jose Juan's is brighter and sweeter. Both create work that is very intense, whereas Josefina's work is quite playful and humorous!

Both produce many pieces based on the theme of death and many religious pieces. Their renditions of the many manifestions of the Virgin Mary are sensitive and powerful. They are probably best known for their large pieces which tell the stories of their family and their native Oaxaca.

The pieces shown here are "Market Woman" by Demetrio Garcia at the top left and "Sirena con Cola de Luna" by Jose Juan Garcia at the lower left.